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Body Worn Cameras and New Technology

The Most Comprehensive Course for Law Enforcement Executives on Technology

Course Overview
This course helps law enforcement executives understand how technology fits into their organization. This course gives the public safety leader tools to make the right decisions for their organization and the best ways to implement change.

Upon the completion of this course the public safety leader will be better equipped to understand and move forward in the world of technology.

In two days, students will engage in multiple case study exercises where they will develop the skills needed by the Public Safety Leader.

Seminar topics include:

  1. Technology Selection
  2. Project management
  3. Technology implementation
  4. Techniques on gaining buy in from stakeholders and decision makers

Day One

  1. Public Safety Leaderships role in technology
  2. Organizational culture and leading the change
    • Generational considerations
    • Change management
  3. The “void zone” theory
    • How do we decide what is needed for our organization
    • How the employees will help you in determining direction to go in new technology
  4. Leading edge or Bleeding edge, is it the right thing to do?
  5. Tech Talk – What does all this mean?
  6. Working with Information Technology Professionals
    • Need for collaboration with IT
    • Your Staff
    • Centralized Information Technology
    • Vendor based IT
    • Service Level Agreements
  7. Sales to the Boss – How do we package for success
    • Communication techniques for getting approval for the technology project
  8. To Cloud or not to Cloud that is the question
    • Security concerns
    • Financial issues
    • Data control and retention

Day Two

  1. The “Best Buy” effect
    • Impacts on how we get things done
    • Standardization
  2. Show me the money – Technology needs money
  3. Consequences of Technology
    • Internal Stakeholders issues
    • External Stakeholders issues
  4. Security considerations
    • Protecting your data
    • Who keeps the data
  5. Technology implementation – How To
    • Proof of concept /  Proof of principle
    • Managing the technology
    • Project Management – What are the responsibilities of the Project Sponsor?
  6. Emerging Trends or What does the future look like?
    • Digital Evidence
    • Smart Devices
    • Video!
    • Mobile Computing