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Mobile Technology in Exigent Circumstances

Controlling the digital landscape during Exigent Circumstances and Tactical Environments

Course Overview

This class is designed to teach investigators, and crisis negotiators how to exert the full potential of mobile devices in emergency situations. Whether responding to a critical missing person, a homicide scene, or a hostage barricade, students will learn step by step how to exploit mobile technology and the very real dangers that these devices can pose. Students will engage in practical exercises involving records from all the major phone companies and learn how to turn those records into actionable intelligence. 

This class also focuses heavily on Spoofing investigations, SWATing investigations, telephone harassment, and illegal use of telephone applications like Pinger, Text Plus, and Google Voice.  Case studies from actual investigations involving several different jurisdictions from across the country will be presented with ‘how to’ instructions to teach students various methods to identify offenders.

Day One

  1. Capabilities of Mobile Technology
  2. Exigency Requests, Line Captures, Telephone and Internet Service Restrictions
  3. Legal Demands and What You Should Ask of a Service Provider
  4. Hands on exercise with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Records
  5. Using Call Detail Records to Conduct a Complete Interview or Negotiation
  6. EXIF Data and open source intelligence gathering


Day Two

  1. EXIF Data and open source intelligence gathering
  2. Dropped Phone and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) investigations
  3. Legal Demands Associated with Spoofing, SWATing, Harassment, and VOIP investigations
  4. Special Hazards for Law Enforcement involving mobile applications
  5. Case Studies of Telephone Misuse Cases and How to Identify Offenders