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Tablets and Smart Phones for Public Safety

Best Practices for the Deployment and Use of Tablets and Smart Devices

Course Overview
Many law enforcement departments are issuing tablets and smartphones to their personnel, many more personnel are bringing their own devices into the work place.  This course provides attendees with the latest information and best practices to leverage these devices for use in a law enforcement environment.

Beginning with a survey of current devices, platforms and operating systems, the course quickly develops into specific applications and services which best serve the law enforcement function, including investigation related applications and cloud storage options.

The course also includes successful methodologies (and lessons learned) for deploying smart technology.  In addition to the instructional material, this course serves as an information exchange for law enforcement personnel to share and discuss apps and services which they successfully use within their departments, many of these will be examined in a hands-on environment.

All law enforcement personnel are encouraged to attend.  Personnel are encouraged to bring whatever devices they are currently using (official or personnel devices), no technical background is required to attend this course.

Day One

  1. From Cell Phones to Smart Phone, Laptops to Tablets
  2. Apple: iEverything…
  3. Android: Apple Slayer or just another phone?
  4. Best of the Rest: Google, Amazon, Microsoft
  5. Cloud Storage: Appropriate for Law Enforcement?
  6. Security and Smart Devices: Personal vs. Agency Issued
  7.  VPN and Remote Desktop

Day Two

  1. Application Basics
  2. 1 Applications for Law Enforcement
  3. Evernote: Investigators #1 App
  4. Document Management with Apps
  5. Deploying Smart Devices within your Department: Best Practices
  6. Interacting with IT: Terminology, Security Concerns
  7. Future of Devices, Apps