Camtasia Studio 8 for under $175.00

CamtasiaPolice Technical has secured government pricing plus an additional 30% off for Camtasia Studio 8, the leading video capture and editing software by TechSmith.  Regularly priced at $299.00, the software package is now available to Police Technical students for $174.30 per license.

Camtasia Studio has been regularly featured in several Police Technical courses including PowerPoint for Public Safety. 

Police Technical students may purchase Camtasia Studio 8 through Click STORE at the top of the page, then “Government and Non-Profit Pricing” on the right side of the page. Select “Buy Online” for Camtasia Studio. Enter “PTCAM” in the promotional code field.

If you’ve used Camtasia Studio since taking a Police Technical course, please leave a comment about your experiences with the program.

New Course: Cell Phone Investigations™

Verizon Smartphones

Each month we focus this section on a new course and instructor. This month’s featured course is Cell Phone Investigations™ taught by Aaron Edens.

At recent conference, roughly 200 investigators were asked how many of their departments used UFED (Cellebrite’s popular mobile forensics product).  Approximately 70% of the students raised their hands.  They were then asked to keep their hands up if they had received formal training in the use of the device.  All but four lowered their hands.

Law enforcement agencies may have the forensics tools but most personnel have not received adequate training to use the tools, and in some cases personnel haven’t received any training at all.  Because of this training gap, Police Technical has chosen Cell Phone Investigations™ as our latest course to assist personnel to better utilize the tools they already possess, and to extend their skill set and confidence in cell phone investigations.
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