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Securing Your Identity

Securing Your Identity, Be invisible and take privacy to the extreme in the interest of officer safety

Course Overview

This presentation of successes (and failures) will help you establish your own strategy for disappearing from public view. Overall, this course will explain how to be invisible and take privacy to the extreme in the interest of officer safety. You will make your communications private, internet connections anonymous, computers secure, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts protected, and home address hidden from public view. You will legally create use aliases that will hide your true identity from adversaries and ‘big data’ corporations. You will remove all personal details from public view and will reclaim your right to privacy. You will no longer give away your personal data and you will remove yourself from the Internet. A course for every Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, and Online Investigators.

Day One

Emphasis on anonymity topics:

  1. Why Privacy Matters
  2. Threats to Law Enforcement
  3. Pre-Assessment
  4. Self-Background Check
  5. Social Networks
  6. Preparation
  7. People Directory Removal
  8. Data Broker Removal
  9. Data Marketers
  10. Credit Companies
  11. Anonymous Purchases
  12. Anonymous Credit Cards
  13. Anonymous Telephones
  14. Aliases
  15. Disinformation
  16. Future Habits
  17. Anonymous Physical Address
  18. Additional Resources


Day Two

Emphasis on computer and online security topics:

  1. Smartphone Threats
  2. Encrypted Messaging and Voice Communications
  3. Passcodes and Encryption
  4. Location Services
  5. Exif Data
  6. App Permissions
  7. Lost-Device Apps
  8. Computer Security Best Practices
  9. Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  10. Internet Browser Selection and Setup
  11. Online Account Security
  12. Full Disk Encryption
  13. File Level Encryption
  14. Secure File Deletion
  15. System Clean-Up Tor and Virtual Private Networks
  16. Wi-Fi Security and Best Practices
  17. Firewalls
  18. Email Accounts and Email Encryption