Excel® for Public Safety™

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Excel® to better manage data & improve investigations.

Course Overview
Microsoft Excel® for Public Safety™ is designed to help public safety personnel best utilize Microsoft Excel ® to successfully manage law enforcement specific data. Whether it is case specific data (e.g. telephone tolls, financials) or agency-wide data (e.g. arrest stats, fugitive lists, calls for service), it can be analyzed with just a few clicks using this powerful tool! This course is intended for law enforcement personnel, which includes: any sworn officer, support staff, administrative personnel, Supervisors and Management. Attendees need only a basic understanding of computers and Excel®. No technical or analytical background is required.

Day One
1. Uses in Law Enforcement – Telephone tolls; Financial analyses; Agency stats
2. Navigation & Manipulation – Rows, columns, cells, ranges, worksheets, workbooks
3. Tools – Autofill, conditional formatting
4. Simple formulas – Sum, Average, Median, Mode, Crime Rate, and Percentage of Change
5. Complex formulas – Date conversion to days of week, months of year

Day Two
1. Concatenating – Combining data stored separately
2. Parsing – Separating data using Text to Columns
3. Best Charting practices – Bar, columnar, pie chart usage; proper use of data labels, legends, gridlines.
4. Why you should never chart in 3-D
5. Importing/Exporting – Linking data between Microsoft products; especially useful in updating statistics
6. Data Validation – Creating pull-down lists to give end users forced options
7. The three analytical tools you must know – Sorting, filtering, & the magic of Pivot Tables

Day Three (Optional)
1. Hands On Activities – Attendees develop their own materials in a structured hands-on environment.
2. Custom Development – Attendees work with instructor on existing case materials in need of support.

6 Responses to Excel® for Public Safety™

  1. Oleta Woodall - Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says:

    I just wanted to tell you how awesome your excel book is. I took an excel class before the one you gave and would take me hours to figure out what the guy was telling us to do. I have a worksheet that I needed to do analysis on. It would take me all day to do what I need to do by hand. I just thought – hey, I can do this easier. So I parsed the name columns (something that normally would take me hours to figure out how to do) and did my pivot table, sorted largest to smallest in like 5 seconds and wa-la – I have what I need. Your book is sooooo easy to understand. You just saved me HOURS of work. THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. A Federal Supervisory Intelligence Analyst says:

    It was a great class, informative and amusing. I highly recommended this class to SAC Houston’s training coordinator as something she might want to line up for the office, and will augment that by suggesting they get you as the instructor if you aren’t the only one.

  3. TX HIDTA Training Coordinator William Stephens says:

    Thanks Amy! This is some top shelf stuff. I will probably be in contact with some questions.
    Be safe and thanks again for the great training. Our folks were still talking about it today. One even told me it is the best, most applicable class he has attended in the 7 years he has been here.

  4. Ken Carona says:

    What a great way to learn EXCEL!! Amy is fantastic with a potential boring subject. She kept my attention and has a great presentation style that made the learning so natural. The practice sheet and hands on work was the best. Keep her, best EXCEL class I have ever attended. Thank you Amy and Police Technical.

  5. D.L. Oglesby, Investigator, Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office says:

    Amy is a great instructor and can answer any question in Excel and show you examples at the same time. Amy kept the flow of the class going at a quick pace.

    Between the course outline and Amy as the instructor I would not want to take another Excel course from another company. I can’t believe there is a better instructor than Amy Kupiszewski for Excel or a better company than Police Technical for this training.

  6. Cindy C says:

    “The 2 day excel for public safety was great! I took a week long excel course geared to law enforcement a year ago that was not nearly as informative. Thank you for a great class and great instructor!”

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