PowerPoint® for Public Safety™

The National Standard for the Presentation of Public Safety Information

Course Overview
PowerPoint® for Public Safety™ is designed to assist all public safety personnel become more efficient and proficient with PowerPoint®.

95% of our students report they are “self-taught” in PowerPoint, most say they “use it pretty well”, but almost all report “they’re not using it to its full potential”.  PowerPoint® for Public Safety™ address this need by providing the critical skills needed to effectively present information in a variety of settings including: the Academy, in-house/in-service training, public meetings, courtroom, and executive briefings.

This course has been presented at Administrative, Communication, Executive, Forensic, Homicide, Instructor, Intelligence, Investigation, Narcotic, Prosecution, and Tactical conferences for 15 years.

Day One
Building on a foundation: Presentation skills, Practice and Preparation
Building Presentations – Creating presentations quickly, and efficiently
Photographs – Inserting case files of hundreds of images
Saving and Securing Presentations – for local use and distribution
Custom Slide Designs – Utilizing agency logos and colors to created “branded” slides
Video – Obtaining videos from multiple sources (web, cameras) making them play every time

Day Two
Timelines – Managing  cases visually with dynamic, non-linear timelines
Splash Screens® – Managing your presentations, documents, and media
Scene Overviews – Creating dynamic scenes for tactical operations,  crime scenes, event planning
Custom Animation – Animating complex processes without additional software
Audio and Transcripts – Combining audio (E911, interviews, intercepts) and transcripts

Day Three (Optional)
Hands On Activities – Attendees develop their own materials in a structured hands-on environment.
Custom Development – Attendees work with instructor on existing case materials in need of support.

3 Responses to PowerPoint® for Public Safety™

  1. Anneka Baker says:

    I just completed this course this week and have to say that it was the most enjoyable training course that I have ever taken. Thomas Manson, the instructor, has such a brilliant personality for teaching what most would call boring material – his sense of humor and obvious genuine interest in every class member’s success really make this class worth going to more than once – I am certain that I would learn something every single time. SO ENJOYABLE – I can’t say it enough.

  2. Wayne Springer says:

    It was great. I already downloaded the power point from the website and purchased downloaded and used Camtasia software please let Thomas know best power point class I have ever had bar none and I have been teaching since 1998.

  3. Ken Culver says:

    I took Thomas Manson’s Powerpoint class two years ago and just repeated it last week. I learned as much the second time as I did the first time I took the course. He is an excellent teacher and takes a genuine interest in all of his students. I highly recommend the powerpoint course for anyone that uses powerpoint to make presentations. You will be glad you took the course.

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