Excel®: Not Just for Analysts Anymore

Amy Kupiszewski teaching Excel in Grand Prairie, TX 4-17-12

Officers, Analysts and Federal Agents (FBI, US Marshals, and DEA) from 4 states and 15 agencies came together this week to attend Police Technical’s Excel for Public Safety™ with Amy Kupiszewski.

Students from as far away as Oklahoma City drove 3+ hours (one way) to attend the course held at the Charles V. England Public Safety Training Complex with the Grand Prairie Police Department (TX).

Day 1 started off with the general uses of Excel (sorting and filtering, aggregating and calculations) and ending with agency specific applications.  Day 2 focused on leveraging the power of Pivot tables to find “answers” in data and present it visually.

Several students expressed their appreciation for the numerous shorts cuts and tips that will assist them in working with expense reports, vehicle logs, Individual officer stats, warrants, and requests for investigations to name just a few of their typical spreadsheets.

A frequent comment upon learning a new, faster technique was, “I wish I’d known that before, I’ve spent hours doing that….”Save your personnel hundreds of hours; contact Police Technical to bring Excel for Public Safety™ to your agency or department.


Amy Kupiszewski teaching Excel in Grand Prairie, TX 4-17-12

Amy Kupiszewski with Lt. John Shaw, Grand Prairie Police Department


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  1. Great job in Dallas Amy.

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