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2023 Instructor Call

POLICE TECHNICAL is accepting applicants for the 2023 Instructor Process who have a specific interest in narcotics-related courses.

POLICE TECHNICAL has an 18 year national reputation for making positive differences in the lives of our students.  If you'd like the opportunity to share this highly rewarding experience, we want you to join our team.

To start the process of becoming a POLICE TECHNICAL Instructor please fill out the form below, INCLUDING a short description of your current employment and qualifications.  Prospective Instructors will be sent additional information to guide them in the process.  Thank you for your interest.

Please note, you CANNOT UPLOAD DOCUMENTS - any documentation you would like to send along with your application can be sent directly to the hiring manager, Angela Cramer.  If you CANNOT LOGIN or have PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED AN APPLICATION, please send your interest directly to Angela Cramer,

First Name
Last Name
International Address
Please select courses that interest you from the box below.
Passenger Vehicle Drug Interdiction
Patrol Officer Response to Street Drugs
Basic Threat Finance
Cell Phone Use in Drug Investigations
Cryptocurrency for Narcotics Investigations
Dark Web Drug Investigations
Drug Identification
Drug Informant Management
Effective Search Warrant Writing in the Digital Age
Fentanyl & Other Synthetic Opioids
Gang Awareness and Narcotics Investigations
Human Trafficking
Mexican Drug Cartel Investigations
Narcotics Related Financial Investigations (Basic)
Narcotics Related Financial Investigations (Advanced)
Operational Red Flags for Narcotics Investigations