Access for Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies are increasing working with data sets. Generated from cell phones investigations and other computer based sources, these data sets are typically stored as evidence but only rarely mined for their full potential. Most analysts are
Exploiting Data Sets for Criminal Investigations and Decision Making

Analytics for Public Safety

Analytics: The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Making a difference for a department is more than building a case. Analytics for Public Safety combines foundational techniques with decision making skills.
Refocusing and Recharging Analytical Personnel

Cell Phone Data and Mapping

Make sense of the data, find patterns, and clearly map the movements of the cell phone. Pen-Link and Analyst's Notebook are great, but it's time to learn something new.
Managing and Mapping Cell Phone Data for Case Management and Prosecution

Cell Phone Investigations

This demonstrates how to obtain evidence and intelligence from cell phones, cell towers/sites, call detail records, and applications using existing resources. Cell Phone Investigations presents the knowledge needed to immediately begin applying new skills
The National Standard for Cell Phone Investigation, from Collection to Prosecution

Cell Phones in Correctional Facilities

Cell phones secreted into a correctional facility are worth their weight in gold to inmates and correctional staff alike, albeit for different reasons.
The Complete Investigation of Cell Phones within Corrections and Detention Facilities

Cell Phones in Crisis Negotiations

This class is designed to teach investigators, and crisis negotiators how to exert the full potential of mobile devices in emergency situations. Whether responding to a critical missing person, a homicide scene, or a hostage barricade, students will learn
Communication Exploitation Techniques in Tactical Environments and Exigent Circumstances

Craigslist Investigations

Tablets, smartphones, and their applications provide the latest tools for law enforcement. Learn how to choose them, deploy, protect your data and people, and move to the next device.
Investigating Criminal Behavior on the Internet’s Largest Marketplace

Critical Thinking for Law Enforcement

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Dark Web Conference

2-day Conference: Discuss and identify criminal offenses associated with the Dark Web

Dark Web Investigations

Students who take this course will learn how to comprehend each level of the web, from the surface (Google) down to the "deep" or "dark" sections. The course also uncovers the criminal offenses and investigative techniques often associated with the dark we
Discuss and identify criminal offenses associated with the Dark Web

Development and Management of Analytical Units

Designed to assist agencys grow, develop and manage their analytical services division. Whether an agency has a single staff member tasked with DOJ reporting or an active staff of real-time analysts, this course provides the road map to furthering the va
The National Standard for Developing and Managing Analytical Assets

Digital Fugitive Apprehension

Find, Track and Apprehend suspects using the latest digital/online methods. Suitable for any person who ever wanted to find somebody...immediately.
Fugitive Tracking using Digital Methods

Effective Writing for Law Enforcement

Course Highlights
Word® for Public Safety™ is designed to help the personnel create, manage, share and protect digital documentation utilizing Microsoft Word® software. Most personnel have a good working knowledge of how to create basic documents in Word, but more than 95% of them are self-taught. This course helps them utilize the program more effectively and efficiently. 

Excel for Public Safety

Get the most out of the program you use daily. Even experienced analysts have benefited from the techniques, lessons and instruction with this course.

Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Excel� to Better Manage Data & Improve Investigations

Future of Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is inherently reactionary; a call for service comes in, and personnel react. This course provides a glimpse into the future and allows executives, administrators and rank and file personnel an opportunity to anticipate change before it happ

Future of Narcotic Enforcement

For more than 100 years, the United States has experimented with drugs and drugs law. Since the dawn of our society, we have been producers, consumers and exporters of drugs in various forms. For much of the past 100 years, most drugs have been highly regu

Google for Public Safety

Google is more than a search engine; its the first step in Open Source Investigations and a doorway to law enforcement ready, free applications including: Social media (Google+), mapping for tactical applications and CDR data (Google Earth), and communica
Applications, Services, and Investigations for Law Enforcement

i2 Analyst Notebook

Analyst Notebook helps analysts and investigators discover networks, patterns and trends from volumes of data from multiple sources.

Customized, agency specific training on i2 Analyst Notebook is available from POLICE TECHNICAL. 

For details on scheduling, contact

Internet of Things (IoT) Investigations

The Internet of Things (IoT) will quickly become One of the Primary Tools of Law Enforcement.

Microsoft Outlook for Public Safety

Narcotic Unit Supervisor

Narcotic operations has changed dramatically in the past 10 years: Laws governing narcotics, criminal process, manufacturing, distribution, even the chemical composition of the drugs themselves have changed. To remain effective, and in some case to remai
Preparing Today’s Narcotics Supervisors, Armed with the Tools for Tomorrow

OIS Investigations

From the initial call for service, through the investigation, to the final presentation to the prosecutor and public. OIS Investigations meets the necessary requirements for OIS certification.
Collecting, Organizing, and Conducting an Un-bias Fact Finding Investigation

OneNote: Digital Case Management

Criminal investigations are more complex today than 20 years ago. The amount and variety of data, materials and ultimately evidence, in criminal case management has grown along with the rise of laptops, tablets and cell technology.
Simply Managing, Storing and Sharing Criminal Case Materials

Online Investigation Conference

2 day conference on online investigations for law enforcement.

Online Investigations

This course provides a leadership foundation for the acquisition, deployment, management, and resolution of technology within law enforcement; make the right decisions, eliminate waste, and meet long term goals.

The National Standard for Online Investigations for Law Enforcement

Open Source Investigations

Foundation for the Open Source Investigations track, This course provides information, sites, and process for investigations using (predominately) free, open, public sources of information.
There is No Need for Search Warrants or Subpoenas When the Sources Are Open

PIO and Community Engagement

The communication gap between law enforcement agencies and the public creates tension.This course provides a fresh look at Community Engagement and the role of public communication within a law enforcement environment.
Closing the gap between Public Safety and the Community

PowerPoint for Public Safety

This is the national standard for the presentation of law enforcement related data. Make bomb proof PowerPoint presentations for your department and for court. Learn the same techniques prosecutors use in capital murder jury trials: how to build them and,
The National Standard for the Presentation of Public Safety Information

Real Time Cell Phone Investigations

Utilizing cell and related technology in current and evolving situations. Students praise hands-on activities in this missing piece course.

Securing Your Identity

Securing Your Identity will help establish your own strategy for disappearing from public view. Students will learn to make communications private, internet connections anonymous, computers hardened, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts secured, an

Be invisible and take privacy to the extreme in the interest of officer safety

Slavery's Legacy for Law Enforcement

A Primer on the Past, Insight into Today, and Guidance on Improving our Future

A Primer on the Past, Insight into Today, and Guidance on Improving our Future.

Social Media Methods

Social media is the single most effective way for law enforcement to communicate with the public since officers have stopped walking the beat. This isnt just for the PIO or ICAC investigator. Learn how every department, division, and officer can leverag
Best Social Media Practices for Law Enforcement Departments and Their Personnel

Word & Adobe for Public Safety

Proficiency in creating documents is as important as writing the report itself. Learn how to create and format a professional document, securely distribute it, and leverage the Cloud for your department�s digital storage.

The Leading National Training Program for Law Enforcement on Microsoft Word� and Adobe�