POLICE TECHNICAL Launches New Website

POLICE TECHNICAL has unveiled a refocused website, featuring personalized content and improved navigation.

The new site puts company stakeholders and content at the forefront. Police, Sheriff, Federal, Intelligence, and Prosecution each have their own dedicated sections, but can also locate information through a Content Hub. While some of the material is identical, much of it is specific to the named group, said Thomas Manson, POLICE TECHNICAL CEO.

POLICE TECHNICAL Releases Tactical Hacking Book

Introduction to Tactical Hacking: A Guide for Law Enforcement, POLICE TECHNICAL’s most anticipated book of the year, is now available.

Similar to its predecessors, Cell Phone Investigations and Warrantless Searches, Introduction to Tactical Hacking has a technical nexus designed to serve the LE community. Based on survey results POLICE TECHNICAL collected in Sept. 2015, overall audience response was positive because few comprehensive materials on tactical hacking exists.

POLICE TECHNICAL Expands Bookstore

POLICE TECHNICAL is now a reseller for CRC Press and Elsevier publishing houses.

Through these partnerships, POLICE TECHNICAL is also rapidly expanding its bookstore, adding over 40 new titles and several subjects that complement its law enforcement training.

“The selection mimics the solutions and services we provide nationally for law enforcement,” said Thomas Manson, CEO of POLICE TECHNICAL.  “We are able to be selective and offer only the works that benefit our community.”

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