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Course: PIO and Community Engagement Dates: 10/24/2016 - 10/25/2016 Instructor: Doug Nolte

Rating of the Program Quality
Quality of the Presentation Materials (PowerPoint, other Visual Aids)3
Quality of the Training Materials (Handouts, Manuals, Brochures)3
Quality of the Training Location4
Overall Value of the Course       Value = Cost vs. Benefit4

Please Rate the Ability Of the Lead Instructor
Overall Presentation Style (Eye Contact, Voice, Poise)5
Credibility (Education, Experience)5
Command of Subject (Subject Knowledge)5
Enthusiasm for the Topic (Made you want to learn)5
Students Interaction (Called students by name, asked for questions)5

Final Comments
Would you recommend this course/instructor to others in your agency?Yes
Would you recommend this training provider to others in your agency?Yes
Will you be able to use what you learned in the course?Yes

Additional Comments
Doug did a fantastic job making the material relevant and involving the class in discussions. His presentation style is effective and engaging. My only critique has nothing to do with the class, but with the email requesting the class evaluation as it did not adequately explain how to find the evaluation on the website.