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    AAI certification is nationally recognized as the standard of achievement for personnel who provide analytical and intelligence support for law enforcement departments and agencies.

    Law enforcement departments need personnel who possess the expertise to provide criminal and statistical analysis in: cell phone data, cell tower/site mapping, and the general presentation of statistical, digital, and computer related evidence to decision makers and in court.

    The skills that AAI certification evaluates are the building blocks of success in the field.


    AAP Certification is the nationally recognized standard of achievement for law enforcement officers and intelligence analysts who utilize standard office productivity applications.

    Office productivity software is common within law enforcement, but most departments do not provide training to use the software.  Most personnel are self-taught and the few with some training receive it from college or local government sources not associated with law enforcement.

    Skills gained from this certification provide a foundation for successful development in all areas of law enforcement.  AAP leads to strengthened performance in analysis, administration, documentation investigations as well as public and courtroom presentations.


    CPI Certification is the nationally recognized standard of achievement for law enforcement officers and intelligence analysts who investigate crimes where a mobile device, call detail records, and/or cell site may yield evidence.

    Criminals utilize cell phones to plan, execute, and evade apprehension.  Law enforcement can use mobile phone technology against criminals and their ongoing enterprises.  CPI Certification gives law enforcement officers of any background an arsenal of tools such as: legal principals on search and seizure, proper physical and digital evidence handling, recovering evidence from phones, call detail record analysis, cell tower/cell site tracking and mapping, and controlling communications in a tactical environment.

    Skills gained from completing the CPI Certification lead to successful criminal investigations and conspiracy crimes investigations such as drug trafficking and gangs.  Certification holders are competent in investigating multiple facets of mobile device and communications cases.



    OSI Certification is the nationally recognized standard of achievement for law enforcement personnel, analysts and supporting staff whose responsibility is the investigation, case development and prosecution of criminal behavior and actions which intersect with internet/web-based activity.

    Most crime has an online nexus.  Whether it is the photographic evidence of the crime itself posted to a social media channel, the sale of stolen merchandise listed on a online marketplace, or the solicitation of minors in chat rooms, each of these real world crimes have a very footprint in the online world.  The OSI certification track seeks to first, expose law enforcement personnel to a world, which in some cases they didn’t even know existed, and then secondly, to show them how to investigate the activities of that world as if it were a physical space.

    Skills gained from completing the OSI Certification provide personnel a foundation for successful online investigation of real world criminal acts.  With this certification personnel will be competent in applying the best practices for proactively investigating criminal behavior across the entire spectrum of online and social media services including well known sites like Facebook and Google and less traveled spaces such as the Dark Web.


    For immediate assistance, contact Ashlee Waters, Training Coordinator.

    Email:  awaters@policetechnical.com

    Phone: 812.232.4200