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Basic Threat Finance

Early $225.00 ENDS JULY 17
Regular (2 Months Left) $250.00 ENDS SEPTEMBER 17
Late $275.00 ENDS OCTOBER 17

Location: Online
Dates: October 17, 2024 - October 18, 2024
Times: 10:00AM - 2:00PM ET
Fee: $250.00

Course Description
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Course Overview
With Domestic and International Terrorism being at the forefront of law enforcement’s minds, it is important to understand how these threats are funded. This funding often originates from exploiting financial systems through scams and through other illicit means, such as drugs and trafficking.  

The course covers an introduction into “Threat Finance.” In this introduction, the course will also define the threat actors and the various methods used to generate, move, store, and use their illicit proceeds. The course will include a history of cryptocurrency and how it plays a role in financing various threat actors. This course will give students an opportunity to use critical thinking in practical exercises and discussions to further understand various elements needed for a terrorist plot.

The student will leave with the knowledge about the fundamentals of money laundering, financial system vulnerabilities, and financial intelligence support. Using lecture, discussion and practical exercise, students will gain an understanding of how all levels of law enforcement play a role in counter threat finance.

Who Should Attend?
This class is designed for law enforcement officers at any stage in their career, including: detectives, agents, supervisors, and analysts. 

Experience or training in Domestic Terrorism or International Terrorism is not required.

Material Requirements
Students should bring a laptop with unfettered internet capabilities.

Students will receive examples of cryptocurrency transaction mapping, court order examples, and reference materials related to tracking cyber transactions.  A course manual will also be provided.

Day One

  1. Defining Threat Finance
  2. Threat Actors
  3. Cost of a terror plot
  4. Large Scale Events
  5. Small Scale Events
  6. Money Laundering
  7. Local impact of scams used for money laundering

Day Two

  1. Understanding financial intelligence
  2. Counter Threat Finance
  3. History of Cryptocurrency
  4. Criminal use of cryptocurrency
  5. Cryptocurrency seizures
  6. Local impact of financial investigations into scams
  7. Scenario training