OneNote: Digital Case Management

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(35 Evaluations) Dearborn, MI
Dearborn Police Department
04/10/2017 to 04/11/2017
$405.00 per person
Early $350 ENDS JANUARY 10
Regular $380 ENDS MARCH 10
Late (0 Days Left) $405 ENDS APRIL 10

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Simply Managing, Storing and Sharing Criminal Case Materials.

Course Overview
Criminal investigations are more complex today than 20 years ago.   The amount and variety of data, materials and ultimately evidence, in criminal case management has grown along with the rise of laptops, tablets and cell technology.  Today, a basic criminal case can easily contain: audio and video files, cell phone and tower data, financial spreadsheets, and hundreds of documents; complex cases contain even more. But criminal case management for many agencies today is often still connected to a manila folder of printed, analog pages of text and images.

Yesterday’s cases solutions are inadequate in the face of today’s media requirements.  OneNote™: Digital Case Management®, provides a better solution to managing, storing and sharing criminal case related materials.  Designed to help investigators, detective, supervisors and their support staff, organize and more efficiently manage their work widely available off-the-shelf Microsoft software. Microsoft OneNote offers free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It is a highly efficient way to store, access, and share information in an organized manner. In a two day class, students will learn to create effective, sharable ways to manage large amounts of materials, making case management easier and more effective.

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