Craigslist Investigations

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(249 Evaluations) Richland, WA
Richland Police Department
03/13/2017 to 03/14/2017
$405.00 per person
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Investigating criminal behavior on the Internet’s largest market place

Course Overview
Craigslist’s has replaced traditional media (newspapers and magazines) and many online sources (chat rooms) as a primary online source for classifieds, jobs and sales…and for criminal activity.  Law enforcement personnel must become adept in investigating crimes related to Craigslist activities.  This course provides law enforcement personnel with the foundation and expertise to investigate any crime occurring on Craigslist. Starting with the history of Craigslist’s and the evolution of the Craigslist criminal, the course then quickly and easily provides the student with an in-depth understanding of how to navigate Craigslist and identify indicators and red flags indicative of criminal activity.  Students will learn how to use innovative and cutting edge methods in obtaining evidence, locating and identifying suspects and conducting online undercover operations involving prostitution, drugs, enticement of juveniles and property related crimes.  Case examples as well as learning by doing activities will be utilized throughout the course.

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