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GeoTime Level 1

GeoTime Level 1 is a grant-funded, 8-hour introductory course on call record and mobile forensic analysis. The course also covers cell site analysis workflows, including CDR record formatting and reporting. Automatically linking calls, locations, and individuals, GeoTime compiles a timeline of records and plots thd data points on a map. 

Uncharted's GeoTime™  is the industry's only 3D mapping and analysis solution for law enforcement. 

Police Technical is the exclusive North American training partner for GeoTime Level 1 classes.

  • GeoTime Overview
  • Cell Site Analysis Theory
  • How Law Enforcement Agencies Use GeoTime
  • GeoTime Data Integration and Reporting
  • What is Call Record analysis?
    • Determining the movement over time of a mobile handset
  • Anatomy of a Cell Tower Sector
  • Cell Tower Sector Definitions
  • Case Study 1: Homicide in Los Alamitos
    • Handset movement analysis
    • Cell Site Analysis Workflow – Mapping Calls
  • Case Study 2: Burglary Ring
    • Two AT&T Phones
      • Automated Analysis
      • Raw data to map
      • Compare to burglary events
    • Validity of GeoTime’s Call Record Data Presentation
  • Case Study 3: Narcotics Ring
    • Major Carriers with the Call Records Tool (CRT)
      • AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile
    • Find meetings between suspects
  • Additional Workflows and Tools
    • GeoTime Call Records Tool
    • GeoTime Court Presentation Template (.PPT)
    • GeoTime and ArcGIS
    • Live Location Alert Email Pings
    • GeoTime Online Forums for Law Enforcement