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Video Evidence for Investigators

Benefit from the Power of Digital Evidence

Course Overview
From CCTV systems and body cams to social media posts and cell phone recordings, digital video is everywhere in modern society. Video Evidence for Investigators is designed to help law enforcement officers fully understand digital video evidence that is ever-present in today’s criminal investigations. Often misunderstood and the thorn in the side of an investigation, this course aims to harness the power of video evidence in a quick and efficient workflow. 

Day One

  1. Legal Considerations – Factors to consider when retrieving video
  2. Admissibility in court – How to ensure your video makes it from recording to the courtroom
  3. How video is recorded and stored – Gain an understanding of the technical aspects of recorded video
  4. Best practices for the recovery of video evidence – Tips to help recover video files from the multitude of different hardware systems in use
  5. Why does video appear the way it does? – Understand the many factors that affect video quality
  6. File playback – Learn how to overcome issues with many file types and proprietary file systems

Day Two

  1. Introduction to image clarification, enhancement, and facial recognition – When is further processing an option and additional resources available
  2. Introduction to screen capture and video file conversion – Be able to rapidly acquire suspect images and disseminate to other investigators, the public, and the media
  3. Special considerations for evolving technologies – Understand special considerations when dealing with cell phone, MVR, body camera, drone, and social media video.
  4. Free tools to assist investigators - Introduction to Freeware and Open Source software to assist in understanding digital video and its playback
  5. Presenting Video Evidence in Court
  6. Future Directions of Video Evidence, The Cloud and Accessibility