POLICE TECHNICAL Releases Tactical Hacking Book

//POLICE TECHNICAL Releases Tactical Hacking Book

Introduction to Tactical Hacking: A Guide for Law Enforcement, POLICE TECHNICAL’s most anticipated book of the year, is now available.

Similar to its predecessors, Cell Phone Investigations and Warrantless Searches, Introduction to Tactical Hacking has a technical nexus designed to serve the LE community. Based on survey results POLICE TECHNICAL collected in Sept. 2015, overall audience response was positive because few comprehensive materials on tactical hacking exists.

Author and California Police Officer Jeff Neithercutt wanted to not only define tactical hacking, but, in turn, clear up any misconceptions. In his white paper, “Tactical Hacking: Controlling Barricaded Suspect Situations,” Neithercutt states that an increasing amount of departments are ahead of the digital curve.

“Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States are training officers to use existing electronic access and surveillance techniques, turning the tide of electronic information in their favor,” he said. “And they are using tactical hacking to do it.”

Though, questions and hesitation remain, particularly among Neithercutt’s colleagues. Early in the book’s editorial process, some close to him were concerned he would publish sensitive information, jeopardizing fellow officers and their ongoing investigations.

He assures readers that he is only combining, centralizing, and thoroughly expanding upon techniques that are already within the public’s scope.

“The information I present in this book isn’t even secret,” he said. “Civilian Penetration Testers have been using these tools, in some cases, 10 years or more. Still, Law Enforcement is very unfamiliar with the technology or its life-saving potential uses.”

Neithercutt hopes Introduction to Tactical Hacking will change that.

The pre-sale for Introduction to Tactical Hacking: A Guide for Law Enforcement concluded April 1. Thank you to all who purchased the book.

Questions on POLICE TECHNICAL products are directed to Brianne Hofmann, at bhofmann@policetechnical.com.

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