Cell Phone Data and Mapping Class Coming to CA, SC

//Cell Phone Data and Mapping Class Coming to CA, SC

Cell Phone Data and Mapping,  a POLICE TECHNICAL course, is coming to South Carolina and California. Additional information is provided below.

Cell Phone Data and Mapping
The amount of data retrieved during a cell phone investigation can be staggering. From just a single phone, cell towers generate hundreds, or even thousands, of records.

The course covers methods to view, analyze and present cell phone data, or data sets, generated from current investigations. Through the use of specific case studies students learn how to analyze and present data found in typical investigations. Special data sets (non-cell phone) are also presented as potential sources for evidence. Cell Phone Data and Mapping is also a part of POLICE TECHNICAL’s Certification Tracks.


Lyman, South Carolina
Runs: 11/14/2016 – 11/15/2016
Rate: $375/ Person
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Sacramento, California
Runs: 12/05/16 – 12/06/16
Rate: $375/Person
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