POLICE TECHNICAL Receives GSA Contract Award, GS07F146DA

//POLICE TECHNICAL Receives GSA Contract Award, GS07F146DA

On August 3, 2016 POLICE TECHNICAL received its GSA Contract Award, Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Schedule 84 | Total Solutions for Law Enforcement and Security, Category 426-6 | Law Enforcement and Security Training, Award# GS07F146DA.

General Services Administration (GSA) oversees the procurement of goods and services to the United States Government, overseeing $66 billion annually.  Through the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) GSA provides a comprehensive framework for procurement for other government agencies.

The GSA Schedule can be thought of as a collection of pre-negotiated contracts.  Government procurement managers can view these agreements on the GSA eLibrary (http://www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov/) or make purchases directly from GSA Advantage! (https://www.gsaadvantage.gov), an Amazon like online shopping site, knowing that all legal obligations have been met.

POLICE TECHNICAL has provided training to federal law enforcement agencies, including DEA, ATF, and the FBI since 2005.  A GSA Contract Award simplifies the process for obtaining new contracts with federal agencies, and streamlines the purchasing process with existing federal clients.

“POLICE TECHNICAL will continue to offer the best training available, but to a wider range of entities for longer periods of time, in more locations,” said Thomas Manson, POLICE TECHNICAL CEO.

“Due to the exclusive nature of our training courses, we were previously awarded contracts based on our being the sole provider of a service or training class. Those were singular contracts,” Manson said. “We will have much greater access to markets, or agencies, whose doors were previously closed.”

Procuring a GSA award is a lengthy and costly process, often taking months, or even years, to complete. POLICE TECHNICAL submitted a 200-page package that contained financial paperwork, training records, and client references.

“A GSA award is actually a 20-year contract. It’s not easy to get,” Manson said. “Now that the company is qualified to collaborate with federal agencies, new business won’t happen automatically.  Many of our partners wanted to do more work with us, but were waiting for our contract award. Now the real work begins.”

POLICE TECHNICAL is a national law enforcement training and development company located in Terre Haute, Ind. The company currently employs 21 instructors, who teach and maintain 25 courses in five certification tracks. For more information, visit https://www.policetechnical.com/. POLICE TECHNICAL is the only Indiana-based company on GSA Schedule 84|426 6.

POLICE TECHNICAL’s GSA contract award # is GSO7F146DA.  Additional information about POLICE TECHNICAL’s GSA listing can be found at GSA eLibrary for Federal Acquisition Service or here.  POLICE TECHNICAL shares Schedule 84 with 53 other contractors including: terrorism experts, A-T Solutions Inc., Academic Training Center, Inc. (formerly Blackwater) and LexisNexis Special Services Inc. (formerly BAIR Analytics).

Interested persons may request additional information at info@policetechnical.com or by phone at 812.232.4200.

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