POLICE TECHNICAL to Provide Grant-Funded GeoTime Training to Law Enforcement

//POLICE TECHNICAL to Provide Grant-Funded GeoTime Training to Law Enforcement

TORONTO, ON, CANADA – Uncharted Software Inc. announced today a strategic partnership with POLICE TECHNICAL that will deliver popular call record analysis courses to law enforcement and public safety agencies across the United States.

“Since the introduction of our first training class in 2013, our courses in call record and mobile forensic analysis have been in high demand. With the growing need for high-quality training in law enforcement and public safety, we looked for a partner that had a proven track record of experience and commitment to the community, which is why we are happy to be able to announce this partnership with POLICE TECHNICAL,” said Curtis Garton, Senior Product Manager of GeoTime.

POLICE TECHNICAL, established in 2005, has a score of instructors teaching at the highest levels of law enforcement across North America. The company currently offers 25 courses, which predominantly focus on cell phone and online investigations as well as data analysis and mapping.

Because GeoTime courses are grant-funded, registration fees will be waived for those who register through POLICE TECHNICAL.

“We are committed to providing the best technical training to law enforcement personnel and we are pleased to offer students this unique opportunity to experience Uncharted’s software. GeoTime is an increasingly prevalent and trusted tool in the industry. Our new partnership will allow us to adapt to our students’ changing needs while easing budgetary concerns among departments and agencies,” said Thomas Manson, POLICE TECHNICAL CEO.

Uncharted’s GeoTime software is the industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool for Download the Official Release Herelaw enforcement. Automatically linking calls, locations, and individuals, GeoTime compiles a timeline of CDR records and plots the data points on a map.

GeoTime training is a three-tier program:

  • Level 1 introduces new users to call record or mobile forensic analysis
  • Level 2 expands on call record analysis for users with 6 months of usage experience
  • A User Certification class and exam designed for users with at least 12 months of usage experience. Users complete a case-based exam to verify competency in articulating technical analysis methods in testimony for court.

The first Police Technical course on GeoTime analysis capabilities will be offered in early 2017. 


About Uncharted Software Inc. (formerly Oculus Info Inc.)
Uncharted™ is an award-winning creator of innovative software for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies worldwide. Since 2001, Uncharted has specialized in designing, developing and deploying groundbreaking solutions for improved awareness, analysis, and decision-making. Deeply rooted in technology research, Uncharted is recognized as an industry leader in the visual analytics and visualization community.

Interviews may be scheduled by contacting Sally Woo at swoo@uncharted.software.

About GeoTime®
Award-winning GeoTime® software is proven to increase analyst accuracy and efficiency. Trusted by law enforcement personnel globally, GeoTime® helps focus on what’s important: actionable evidence to solve crimes and prosecute confidently to keep our communities safe. Commonly used by intelligence agencies as the most effective tool for cell site analysis.

Visit www.geotime.com for more information.

POLICE TECHNICAL is a national law enforcement training company located in Terre Haute, Ind. The company currently employs 21 instructors, who teach and maintain 25 courses in five certification tracks. For more information, visit https://www.policetechnical.com/. POLICE TECHNICAL is the only Indiana-based company on the GSA Schedule 84|426 6, GSA contract award # GSO7F146DA.

Interviews may be scheduled by contacting Brianne Hofmann at 812-232-4200 or through bhofmann@policetechnical.com.

Law enforcement agencies interested in hosting GeoTime® are encouraged to visit Police Technical at https://www.policetechnical.com/become-a-host/

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