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Narcotic Unit Supervisor

Early $420.00 ENDS JANUARY 17
Regular $450.00 ENDS MARCH 17
Late (24 Days Left) $475.00 ENDS APRIL 17

Host: Rutgers Police Department
Location: Rutgers Police Department 55 Commercial Ave. Rm 231 New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Dates: April 17, 2019 - April 18, 2019
Times: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Fee: $475.00

Course Description
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Preparing Today’s Narcotics Supervisors, Armed with the Tools for Tomorrow

Course Overview
Narcotic operations has changed dramatically in the past 10 years:  Laws governing narcotics, criminal process, manufacturing, distribution, even the chemical composition of the drugs themselves have changed.  To remain effective, and in some case to remain in existence at all, Narcotics Units, their mission, their methods, their team members, and their supervision must change also.

In this two day course, a guide for the today’s supervisors and commanders of Narcotics Units/Details is outlined.  Built upon well tested foundations (eg Personnel, Managing UC Ops, and Mission planning), this course also incorporates realistic lessons about societal trends (De-Criminalization and Legalization) and breaks new ground for current investigation techniques and online interdiction (Social Media and Supervising Undercover Investigations in Social Space).

This course is designed for Supervisors and Team Members of Narcotics Units and Details.  Prior experience in narcotics investigations or leadership is not required.  Authorized support staff (i.e. analysts / technical assistance) will be admitted only with prior agency documentation.

This course is available as a 2 day training course or as a 5 day training conference (which includes 3 additional days of instruction in Leadership and Technology, Warrant Service and Deployment presentations, and Digital Case Management.)


Day One

  1. Assuming the Role
    • Challenging Assumptions
      • Combating The War on Drugs – Then & Now
      • Perceptions, Realities & Eventualities
    • Understanding & Setting Clear and Attainable Expectations, Goals & Objectives
      • Street
      • Mid
      • Major
      • DTO’s
    • Existing Policy & Procedure Review
    • Your New Role
      • When to Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
  2. A Diagnostics Check
    • Team Meeting – Setting the Tone
    • Personnel Review
      • Warning Signs & Symptoms of Undercover Work
      • Complaint Review
      • Individual Check In’s
    • Team & Individual Readiness Testing
      • Table Top
      • Functional
    • Coach, Train & Mentor
      • You
      • Them
  3. Building Your Team – Selection, Retention and Rotation of Undercover Personnel
    • Skill Set Assessment and Testing
    • When to Retain and Rotate Personnel
      • Term Limits
      • Problem Employee
      • Needs Basis
  4. Managing Undercover Operations
    • Undercover Risk Analysis
      • CI vs UC
    • Roles & Responsibilities
      • Supervisor
      • Case Agent
      • Undercover Detective
      • Support Detectives
    • Strategy Development
      • Buys
      • Reverses
      • Stings
      • Interdiction
      • Wire Taps
      • Threat Assessment Matrix  for High Risk Search Warrants


Day Two

  1. Mission Planning
    • Case Prioritization
    • Operational Briefings
    • Officer Safety Concerns
    • Deconfliction
    • Digital Opsec
    • Post Incident De-brief
  2. Confidential Source Management
    • Informant Checks & Balances
    • Detective Checks & Balances
  3. Crisis Management
    • Human
    • Technological
  4. Tools and Recourses
    • Electronic and Video Surveillance Equipment
      • Covert Applications
      • Limitations
      • Equipment
  5. Ethics and Misconduct in Undercover Operations
    • Informant Concerns
    • Asset Seizure
    • Common Pitfalls
      • Sex
      • Drugs
      • Money
  6. Online Investigation Development
    • Tomorrow’s Vision Today
    • The Social Media Revolution
    • Social Media Law
    • Supervising Undercover Investigations in Social Space
      • Undercover Investigative Techniques in Social Space
      • Social Space Platforms for Investigating Illicit Activity
      • Social Media Policy for Undercover Operations
  7. Media Management
    • Social Media Methods, Marketing and Branding
    • Traditional Source Management
    • Social Media Management