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Development and Management of Analytical Units

Early $420.00 ENDS JUNE 23
Regular (1 Months Left) $450.00 ENDS AUGUST 23
Late $475.00 ENDS SEPTEMBER 23

Host: Western States Information Network (WSIN)
Location: Western States Information Network (WSIN) 1825 Bell Street, Suite 205 Sacramento, CA 95825
Dates: September 23, 2019 - September 24, 2019
Times: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Fee: $450.00

Course Description
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Designed to assist agency’s grow, develop and manage their analytical services division.  Whether an agency has a single staff member tasked with DOJ reporting or an active staff of real-time analysts, this course provides the road map to furthering the value of law enforcement analytics.  Core interactive learning will provide the student with proven and tested principals, case examples applications, and established and productive methods.  Personnel will gain practical knowledge which will assist with crime analysis and tactical case support, and will also acquire a roadmap to further develop their department’s analytical services division.  This course is appropriate for active analytical personnel and their supervisors. 

Who should attend this Course?
This course is designed for all personnel tasked to analytical or case support units, including Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, and Criminal Case Support Personnel.  Attendees are not required to be sworn personnel, but MUST work within a law enforcement environment.  


Day One

  1. Evaluating your Needs
  2. Leveraging the Digital Age and your objectives
  3. Harnessing Big Data
  4. Connecting Dots
  5. What the boss really needs vs. what is needy
  6. Branding
  7. Securing your inner perimeter
  8. Diversifying
  9. Not too deep in the weeds, educate their needs
  10. Start-ups, how to re-prioritize this resource


Day Two

  1. Providing 5 Star Experiences
  2. When the new car smell fades
  3. Personnel Choices and Expectations
  4. Metrics
  5. Stovepipes of Information to bonfires
  6. Technology that won’t Break the Budget
  7. Evaluating Consumer Value
  8. Predictive policing to tactical case support for the 21st Century
  9. Courtroom Activities
  10. The 22nd Century what it holds for analytical success