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Microsoft Outlook for Public Safety

Early $420.00 ENDS JULY 16
Regular (1 Months Left) $450.00 ENDS SEPTEMBER 16
Late $475.00 ENDS OCTOBER 16

Host: Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics
Location: Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics 419 NE 38th Terr Oklahoma City , OK 73105
Dates: October 16, 2019 - October 17, 2019
Times: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Fee: $450.00

Course Description
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Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare law enforcement officers and executives to effectively and efficiently manage their email and appointments through the usage of Microsoft Outlook. Any active law enforcement personnel or support staffs (i.e. administrative assistants) are in welcome to attend this course.



I. How to configure Outlook for your email 
   a. Internet email settings 
       i. Incoming/outgoing mail servers 
   b. Accessing more than one email account 
   c. Outlook options 

  1.  Navigation pane vs. reading pane 
  2.  Mailbox cleanup 
  3.  Using rules and alerts  
  4.  Organizing emails into folders 
  5.  Creating backup folders on the desktop 
  6.  Utilizing auto archive 
  7.  Creating folder searches 
  8.  Utilizing quick steps 
  9.  Sorting junk and spam emails 
  10.  Reminders 

II. Navigating Email 
    a. Creating and formatting emails 
        i. Insertions into emails 

  1.  Attachments 
  2.  Business cards 
  3.  Calendars 
  4.  Tables and charts 
  5.  Photos and clipart 

ii. Email options 

  1.  Fonts, colors and effects 
  2.  Carbon copying and blind carbon copying 
  3.  Creating signatures 
  4.  Profile photos 
  5.  Utilizing read receipts and delivery receipts  
  6.  Sensitivity/importance settings 
  7.  Using the voting feature 
  8.  Creating different stationary or email backgrounds 
  9.  Playing sounds when high priority messages arrive 
  10.  Scheduling the delivery of an email 
  11.  Directing replies to a specific email address 

iii. Formatting Text 
1. Text overview 
2. Finding and replacing text 
    iv. Review email 

  1.  Using spell check 
  2.  Using the research function 
  3.  Using the thesaurus 
  4.  Using word count 

   v. Draft emails 
III. How to create a calendar 
a. Default view 

  1. i. Day 
  2. ii. Week  
  3. iii. Work week 
  4. iv. Month 
  5. v. Schedule view 

b. Emailing and publishing calendars 
c. Creating appointments and meetings 

  1. i. Scheduling 
  2. ii. Invite attendees 
  3. iii. Appointment reminders 
  4. iv. Setting recurrences 

d. Sharing calendars 
IV. Contacts 
a. Creating new contacts 
b. Creating groups 
c. Opening shared contacts 
V. Tasks 
a. To-do list 

  1. i. Task views 
  2. ii. Creating tasks 
  3. iii. Prioritizing 

1. Start date 
2. Due date 
3. Importance 
iv. Shared tasks 
VI. Outlook vs. Microsoft 365 
a. What are the differences between the two 
i. The benefits of Microsoft 365 
ii. Integrating with Google Chrome displayed pages 
iii. Outlook 365 using clutter to sort email 
b. Accessing Outlook on a mobile device 
i. Droid platform vs. Apple platform 
VII. Review 
a. Class questions