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Each DRLE course focuses on a separate topic within the subject of Race and Law Enforcement.  Topics provide a historical context for understanding what is happening today, and a guide for improving relationships.

DRLE: Lynching of George Ward
In 1901, George Ward, a black man, killed Ida Finklestein, a white woman.  A day later George Ward was arrested for murder and within hours lynched on the Wabash River Bridge. While all of the participants and witnesses of that day are long past, the impact of the murder and the lynching reverberate in the surrounding community to this day. 

Dialogue on Race and Law Enforcement

Early $325.00 ENDS OCTOBER 26
Regular $350.00 ENDS DECEMBER 26
Late (0 Days Left) $375.00 ENDS JANUARY 26

Location: Online
Dates: January 26, 2021 - January 27, 2021
Times: 10:00AM - 2:00PM EST
Fee: $375.00

Course Description
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Each DRLE course, focuses on a separate, unique topic within the subject of Race and Law Enforcement.  Most of the topics will provide a historical context for understanding what is happening today

How did we get here?  Where are we going?  How do we make things better? 
These are the primary questions for DRLE.  The questions, discussion, and the answers aren’t easy, but they are all important. 
We’ve found the discussion itself provides valuable insight into IMPROVING relations, and MOVING forward.

Each DRLE session is team-taught by active and retired members of law enforcement / POLICE TECHNICAL Instructors.  We are not community activists.  We are not academics.  Each instructor has a long and varied law enforcement background (Federal, State, Local) and commitment to helping the Field (and their communities) with these challenging subjects.

The course is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with:
Appreciation for the Sanctity of Human Life
Perspective in understanding race relations in America
Empathy for the people from previous generations and experiences
Directions to help improve themselves, their agencies, and their community

NOTE:  The class is strictly for active law enforcement ONLY.  No other persons will be admitted for any reason.