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Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) for Public Safety

Early $325.00 ENDS SEPTEMBER 13
Regular (2 Months Left) $350.00 ENDS NOVEMBER 13
Late $375.00 ENDS DECEMBER 13

Location: Online
Dates: December 13, 2021 - December 14, 2021
Times: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM MT
Fee: $350.00

Course Description
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Course Overview

The future of Public Safety changes all of the time. Today many of your peer departments are moving to the future technology of implementing a Police, Fire, or Public Safety Real Time or Tactical Information Centers. Public Safety Command Centers have been used for decades to collaborate together for incidents and some special events. Today’s technology is allowing police and fire departments to turn these Command Centers into Real Time Information Centers to be open 7 days a week, and sometimes 24 hours a day. 

The mission of the Real time Information Center is to compliment the services of your Communications Center, and provide tactical intelligence that will keep your employees safe and our citizens safe. There have been many successes that have shown these centers have helped save lives by getting more resources to the scene, before the first person arrives. Real Time Information Centers are not just for Public Safety, many of our Fortune 500 companies are implementing Real Time Information Centers into their companies headquarters. They just look a little different, but they include the important departments of the company such as investigations, fraud, cyber, operations, and much more to give a report to Executive Staff of what is going on today (and some cases right now) with their company. 

Our class will show you how to set up a small or large center, the resources and program software that is available, staffing models for smaller or larger centers, provide case studies of operational Real Time Information Centers are successful today, and provide new technology that is changing how Public Safety is responding to calls. 

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for law enforcement personnel, which includes: any sworn officer, support staff, administrative personnel, Supervisors and Management. Attendees need only a basic understanding of computers and Excel®. No technical or analytical background is required.

Material Requirements

Students should bring a laptop with Internet capabilities.

Day One

  1. What is a Real Time Information or Tactical Center
  2. Creating your mission, vision, and policies
  3. How to get started today with one desk, or to start planning for the future for an entire room
  4. Case Studies of successful public safety centers & corporate centers
  5. Basic technology needed to get started today
  6. State of the Art technology that is available
  7. Finding the perfect location for your center

Day Two

  1. Resources/Software Programs to compliment your Communications Center
  2. Community Partnerships
  3. Partnerships with other departments in your city
  4. Partnering with neighboring departments
  5. Investigative Programs that can help you
  6. Identifying your staffing model
  7. Whats it like into the day of a Detective or Analyst inside of the Real Time Information Center