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Indoor Marijuana Grows and the Production of Cannabis

Early (3 Months Left) $225.00 ENDS MARCH 20
Regular $250.00 ENDS MAY 20
Late $275.00 ENDS JUNE 20

Location: Online
Dates: June 20, 2024 - June 21, 2024
Times: 8:00AM - 12:00PM MST
Fee: $225.00

Course Description
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Methods of Drug Manufacturing and Dismantling Grow Ops

Course Overview

Marijuana grows and the manufacture of cannabis, be it Butane Honey Oil, Rosin or bubble hash has become common place in much of todays law enforcement environment. Even though in many jurisdictions, there has been growing legalization for recreational purposes, there are still a huge umber of Black Market” operations that need to e investigated. In other areas, “Grey Market” diversion of marijuana and cannabis has also become a problem.

For those first responders, supervisors and investigators and supervisors tasked with responding to, evaluating and mitigation of these events, this course is designed for you.

The student will receive instruction on the history, current leaps in technology and the future in marijuana grow and cannabis production operations. The basics on the marijuana plant, parts and species will be explained as well as how more THC concentrate produced in greater amounts with in some plants than in others.

Marijuana grow ops will be explored including;  historical “ditch weed” and cartel operations, outdoor gorilla operations , hoop and green house ops, indoor two and three stage grows and the sophisticated equipment used in those operations,

In day two the instructor will identify the various methods to extract cannabis from the marijuana plant. This includes a wide variety of mechanical methods including sifting, bubble hash and rosin production. “Chemical” extraction including butane, hexane, propane and alcohol extraction methods that are common place will be highlighted. The instructor will identify the various hazards to life and limb that ALL of these labs can present.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for law enforcement personnel who may encounter or be required to investigate, mitigate and dismantle marijuana grow operations or manufacture sites. This is a basic understanding, introduction and first responder assessment class, not designed to provide comprehensive OSHA and Clan Lab/ Hazwoper training and certification. Clandestine Laboratory certification is not required. The course is designed for patrol officers, newer investigators, and supervisors.


Day One

  1. Discussion on legalization in various states and the challenges it has presented.
  2. Potency of marijuana
  3. Cartel grow ops and smuggling (historic)
  4. Domestic cartel ops and Gorilla Grows
  5. Outdoor/indoor grows (Hoop house and green house)
  6. Indoor grow ops
  7. Licensed Dispensary operations




Day Two

  1. Cannabis and THC basics
  2. Mechanical extraction
  3. Chemical extraction
  4. Distillation
  5. Forms of cannabis
  6. Products
  7. Unique hazards in grow and cannabis ops

Both days will include extensive real world examples and group solving scenarios..

Topics could be interchanged between days based on class audience.