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Trends in Narcotic Enforcement

Early $225.00 ENDS JANUARY 18
Regular (1 Months Left) $250.00 ENDS MARCH 18
Late $275.00 ENDS APRIL 18

Location: Online
Dates: April 18, 2024 - April 19, 2024
Times: 8:00AM - 12:00PM MST
Fee: $250.00

Course Description
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Keeping Up with the Current Hazards Associated with Narcotics Investigations

Course Overview

The world as we know it is changing at an ever increasing speed, and with it are the increasing quantities and wide array of narcotics that are being abused and trafficked throughout the US. Drug Trafficking Organizations are more sophisticated, bolder and utilizing technologies on levels never before encountered.

The hazards associated with investigating narcotic possession, manufacture, transport and trafficking are constantly evolving as are the methods in which investigators seek to dismantle such operations. This 8-hour two day course is designed to outline the current trends being used by both sides in the constant struggle against the proliferation of narcotics and the associated crimes that follow.

Students will receive instruction ranging from the methods of ingestion, paraphernalia and clandestine hazards associated with drugs such as fentanyl; the use of social media by Drug Trafficking Organizations to promote, advertise and facilitate drug sales; current trends in shipping and transporting drugs as well as up to date border and cartel related activities that impact law enforcement across the country.

The Class is designed to provide current information that can prove useful to the newest patrol officer to the most seasoned investigator. This class will be updated on a weekly basis a new trends and recent activities occur.

Day One

  1. Trends in the narcotics of abuse
  2. The cannabis triangle: drugs, money and violence
  3. The rise of psychedelics and return of psychostimulants.
  4. Fentanyl: variations, methods of use, Xylazine and more
  5. Routes, methods of drug transportation/ concealment
  6. Firearm trends, the quick link DIAS and more

Day Two

  1. Mexican Cartels, make up, current conflicts.
  2. Border issues, north and south
  3. Search warrants
  4. Drones; ours and theirs
  5. Cellular phone exploitation
  6. Substance abuse disorder basics
  7. Social media use in drug trafficking; SnapChat, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Groups and more