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Analytics for Public Safety

Early $225.00 ENDS MAY 22
Regular (21 Days Left) $250.00 ENDS JULY 22
Late $275.00 ENDS AUGUST 22

Location: Online
Dates: August 22, 2024 - August 23, 2024
Times: 12:00PM - 4:00PM ET
Fee: $250.00

Course Description
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Refocusing and Recharging Analytical Personnel

Course Overview
Designed to refocus and recharge analytical personnel, this course empowers analytical personnel to maximizing their abilities, display their skill sets, and make better presentations.  Analysts, supervisors and detectives will view analytical personnel as dynamic members of a team, not simply “analysts”.

Law enforcement analysts live in split world; they are deeply involved in law enforcement activities, but they are not sworn. They are critical to the success of investigations and prosecutions, but they are often viewed by their law enforcement counterparts as being “just analysts”, or “glorified map makers”.  And frequently supervisors have no idea what they can actually do.

Designed for analysts, supervisors and investigative personnel, this two day class outlines a path to develop analysts from simply providing maps and charts (analysis of data) to providing meaningful contributions which help shape their agency (analytics used in decision making).  It also provides investigators and supervisors insight into the capabilities of analytics so they can be better integrated into investigations and operations.

Day One

  1. Truth about Analysts
  2. Truth about Law Enforcement: Improve the situation, capturing command staff’s attention
  3. Improve communities
  4. Scenario Based Activities
  5. Analytics vs. Analysis
  6. Historical Career Track
  7. Law Enforcement: What are we doing?
  8. Types of Analysts
  9. Insecurity in a Secure Environment 

Day Two

  1. Information/Audience: dissemination of information, want/need to know, make sure they are listening, try not to overwhelm with information
  2. Presenting Information: Audience Analysis, Agency requests
  3. What holds Analysts back?
  4. Path for Development: Becoming a Thought Leader
  5. Become Involved