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Dark Web Investigations

Early $450.00 ENDS AUGUST 10
Regular $475.00 ENDS OCTOBER 10
Late (10 Days Left) $495.00 ENDS NOVEMBER 10

Host: Nortex Regional Planning Commission
Location: Nortex Regional Planning Commission Wichita Falls Police Department - 710 Flood St Wichita Falls, TX 76301
Dates: November 10, 2020 - November 11, 2020
Times: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Fee: $495.00

Course Description
Travel Information

Discuss and identify criminal offenses associated with the Dark Web

Course Overview

While most of the public is accustomed to Google and common social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, Law Enforcement officials are interested in a side of the Internet that criminals are increasingly turning to: the dark web. Here, subjects are involved in hacking, file corruption, trafficking, counterfeit software, and the exchange of restricted goods. 

Students who take this course will learn how to comprehend each level of the web, from the surface (Google) down to the "deep" or "dark" sections. The course also uncovers the criminal offenses and investigative techniques often associated with the dark web. 

Who Should Attend
This class is designed for any investigator or detective. No technical background is required. 

Material Requirements
Students should bring a laptop with Internet capabilities. 

Day One

  1. History of the Dark Web
  2. TOR: its purpose and history
  3. Cryptocurrency
  4. OPSEC
  5. Online Covert Operations

Day Two

  1. Criminal investigation into the Deep Web
  2. Originating a criminal investigation
  3. Follow through investigation of the Deep Web
  4. Presenting your findings in court
  5. Future Directions